With friends like these, who needs enemies

With friends like these, who needs enemies
Earlie Cheaves Jr. (Source: MCSO)

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - A Bradenton man was taken into custody without incident and transported to jail after police say he stole jewelry and money from a man he personally knows. The victim was at a gathering in Bradenton, FL when he began walking to his vehicle. He was approached by Earlie Cheaves Jr. who demanded a ride home. The victim refused.

Cheaves fired a shot in the air with his handgun, grabbed the victim from behind, pressing the handgun against the back of the victim’s head and stated “I will kill you”. Cheaves forcefully took the victim’s “Michael Kors” watch, three gold rings with diamonds, a gold necklace, and $500 in cash.

The victim then fled the scene in his vehicle and called 911, advising a description of the suspect and the suspect’s name. Deputies located the Cheaves at the 5800 block of 5th St E.

The deputy on scene saw Cheaves hand off a gold watch to another subject when he was approached. The watch was recovered from the subject who advised Cheaves handed him the watch when deputies arrived. A show up was completed on scene and the victim stated he was one thousand percent sure Cheaves was the offender.

The victim was able to identify his watch which was recovered from the offender. Photographs of the watch were uploaded in Evidence.com. The victim showed VCTF the scene location where they were able to recover some of victim’s jewelry in the roadway.

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