Convalescent plasma needed and donations can be done as long as antibodies still present

Convalescent plasma needed and donations can be done as long as antibodies still present
(Source: SunCoast Blood Centers)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - While the vaccine begins to get administered across the state there are people fighting for their lives at hospitals who need still need treatments like convalescent plasma.

SunCoast Blood Centers says the need for convalescent plasma donations are on the rise here and nationally. Doctors say if you recovered from the virus and still have the antibodies you can continue to donate convalescent plasma.

“The needs for the convalescent plasma are growing,” said Joan Leonard.

SunCoast Blood Centers volunteer coordinator, Joan Leonard, says with the rise in COVID cases the need for the treatment has also grown.

“We didn’t know a whole lot at the beginning and there’s still science being revealed every day with this pandemic but what we do know now is that people can donate time after time and the antibodies are still there,” said Leonard.

In a statement from Sarasota Memorial hospital they say some who have recovered from COVID make more antibodies than others and those who have high levels of antibodies are ideal donors because they are able to donate many times.

“Everybody who has it should go and donate because it’s helping other people,” said donor Izabella Komor.

17-year-old Izabella Komor has donated several times since the moment she found out she had COVID.

“I was surprised I had it I was like oh wow I didn’t feel anything. And then I was like I don’t mind donating. I was kind of happy I had it because I love coming in,” said Komor.

Komor is one of those asymptomatic cases we’ve heard about for several months. She ended up finding out she had the antibodies after donating blood. And she says her and her mom donate blood frequently.

“I just like giving back to the community so I come back often,” said Komor.

Her donations have helped people in our community and potentially out of it since SunCoast Blood Centers is also shipping out convalescent plasma to other states.

“We help our local hospitals first and then the needs out in other parts of the country. But right now our hospitals are calling on a daily basis,” said SunCoast Blood Centers rep, Joan Leonard.

On Friday, Komor made her seventh donation. She’s now helped twenty eight COVID patients at the hospital.

SunCoast Blood Centers says if you donate convalescent plasma at their facility you’ll get a $50 amazon gift card.

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