Gas leak leads to house explosion in Bradenton

Gas leak leads to house explosion in Bradenton
Explosion destroys Bradenton home. (Source: WWSB)

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - There’s not much left of a home on 30th Avenue West in Bradenton. It exploded Thursday afternoon following a gas leak from earlier in the day at another location. Francisca Lopez was outside her home when it exploded. Her husband and 22-year-old son were inside.

“My husband and my son, their entire bodies burned, everything from the hair to the face, everything,” said Lopez.

Their conditions are unknown at this time. A firefighter was also taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Power was shut off in the entire area and neighbors had to be evacuated.

“It sounded like a big thunder boom and we ran around making sure something didn’t fall on somebody or anything,” said Bill Runyan, an employee at Florida Sign Company, which is near the site of the explosion. “We found out there was a gas leak over here, we found out later the house had blown up and heard the roof had blown off and into the street.”

Fire officials say crews were working underground nearby when the gas leak occurred. It was determined that there was a gas build up and that led to the explosion. There was also a fire which was put out quickly.

“With the damage that was done to the house, it was a significant explosion incident,” said Eric Center, Fire Marshal for Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue.

Lopez tells us that she was hoping someone would have informed her family that there was a gas leak and that they should have been evacuated hours before the explosion.

“My husband asked what was going on during the situation, they didn’t say anything for them to exit the house,” said Lopez. “So they didn’t know what was going on, so eventually it just ended up surprising them and shocking them with the explosion.”

The family is hoping to be able to see both men who were injured very soon. They say they are praying hard that they will be ok and they are trying to figure out where to go from here.

“We lost everything and we’re just hoping a good outcome to come out of this tragic disaster,” said Lopez.

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