Residents and vacationers switching up plans as Eta could bring impacts to the Suncoast early next week

Heavy rain and gusty winds are possible late Sunday night and through early next week as Eta is nearby
ETA Preparations
ETA Preparations
Published: Nov. 6, 2020 at 7:37 PM EST
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Rescue crews and residents throughout Honduras are still surveying the damage left behind from what was Category 4 Hurricane Eta. The storm blowing away metal roofs, knocking down trees and toppling power lines. Eta has weakened into a Tropical Depression, and is likely to reemerge as a Tropical Storm within the next 24-hours. As of the latest advisory (Friday 4:00 pm), parts of the Suncoast still remain in the cone of uncertainty.

ABC 7 spoke with two vacationers from Minnesota who said they had no idea that Eta even existed. “Obviously I’ve been looking at the forecast and I saw there was rain, but I wasn’t aware of a possible Tropical Storm coming in, so it’s new news to me. Thankfully, Noel told me and now we can prepare to change our plans if necessary,” say’s Ryan Baskfield a Minnesota resident. "Now with the pandemic we’re working remote so losing power is something that could affect us. If we don’t have power we’re not able to work. Our plans consisted of trying to golf, enjoy the beach and the sun, so with the rain coming we’re probably going to be staying inside especially being so close to the water,” states Jamin Hesby who is also a Minnesota resident.

Linda Mcauliff who has a condo on Longboat Key said "I went to the store this morning to prepare and to beat the rush just to be safe. My husband and I cued up some movies although we don’t anticipate it being a real problem, except we probably won’t be going out if it’s raining hard.”

After speaking with several Suncoast residents and vacationers they were not necessarily concerned about the wind or flood threat from the storm, however the impact that it would have on any outdoor activities for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

“Pro Terry O’Hara has already sent out an email saying that we are most likely going to be impacted and not be able to play,” says Greg Hopkins, Longboat Key resident.

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