Your Voice Your Vote: Katherine Harris speaks on the delay of election results

Former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris encourages the American people to be patient
Katherine Harris speaks with Jacqueline Matter about President Donald Trump, the Presidential...
Katherine Harris speaks with Jacqueline Matter about President Donald Trump, the Presidential election, and election reform.(WWSB)
Published: Nov. 4, 2020 at 9:21 PM EST
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The 2020 Presidential election results are not finalized. Americans voters are waiting for certain states to tally up ballots. Former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris joined ABC7′s Jacqueline Matter in an exclusive interview to discuss the election.

Harris says many of the states are experiencing delays because those states have just instituted “what we call absentee ballots.”

“We’ve been doing this for 18 years so gratefully, we’ve kind of learned from our mistakes and have had a lot of good practice,” said Harris. “But they’re waiting for those ballots to come in and they don’t start counting in some cases until the day after the election."

Harris says Florida did a great job counting the votes with quickness and precision.

"We began our voting 22 days ago and we’ve been counting and tabulating them ever since then.”

It has been reported that Donald Trump is suing Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia. According to the Associated Press, the filings will add to existing Republican legal challenges in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

The Trump Campaign told The AP that Trump’s legal action demands better access for campaign observers to locations where ballots are being processed and counted as well as absentee ballot concerns.

Katherine Harris, who is a Republican, says a recount may be important for the preservation of “our democracy.” She says though some people look at the word ‘recount’ as a “bad word" it’s really not.

“It’s just a fascinating election night because we started out knowing that Texas and Florida had of course already won and it was 2 hours before those election results actually came in. And then they called Arizona which had clearly been in the Trump category when Republican counties weren’t even counted yet,” said Harris. “And then Michigan it certainly looked like it was going for Trump, as well as Pennsylvania.”

She believes recounting is a way to make sure votes that are legitimate votes are actually counted and not thrown away and those that are not legitimate are not counted.

Harris recalls the 36 days she waited in 2000 for votes to be counted and George Bush to be elected. Though the American people don’t have an answer yet as to who will lead the country for the next four years, she says she doesn’t believe it will take as long as it did in 2000 for a winner to be declared.

“We might have recounts and law suits that are going to draw it out a bit. When you have these complex laws in every state that attracts lawyers and of course we’re going to be able to witness each one of those things,” said Harris. “When you are an elected official you take a vow to follow the law.”

Harris encourages the American people to be patient.

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