Neighbors react to garage explosion in Venice

Neighbors react to garage explosion in Venice
Neighbors in shock following garage explosion in Venice. (Source: WWSB)

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - There were some very scary moments for Tyler Gage. He lives near where an explosion happened in a garage Thursday afternoon in Venice. Two men, Paul Horvat and Neil Cameron were flown to a burn center to be treated for their injuries. Some of the neighbors around Sunset Beach Drive had to be evacuated.

“We heard the gun powder and explosions," said Gage. "Me and my aunt came out here and seen the fire trucks and police vehicles but we went back inside, and we came out later and the building was on fire and in flames.”

The garage and an RV went up in flames. Deputies say Horvat and Cameron were working with 80 pounds of gun powder and had 10,000 rounds of ammunition. One neighbor who lives across the street says this was shocking.

“I never expected this in our neighborhood, it’s a nice neighborhood and we never have problems," said Yanina Fava. "I’ve lived here for two years, this was a surprise for everybody. I have kids, we have a normal family and hearing all this is scary.”

The condition of the men is unknown. A state fire marshal is now handling the investigation. A big machine had torn down the garage on Friday afternoon. All that’s left now is a pile of rubble.

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