Suncoast residents gather at Martin Luther King Park in support of Biden for Florida

Issues discussed at the small gathering included unemployment, increased threat of homelessness and the local economy

Suncoast residents gather at Martin Luther King Park in support of Biden for Florida
Biden For Florida Rally


The countdown to the presidential election is now just 25 days away. The race is heating up and rallies for both President Trump and Presidential candidate Joe Biden continue across the state, and across the Suncoast. Today a small gathering of supporters of Biden and Harris held a rally in Sarasota’s Newtown community at Martin Luther King Park, to discuss why they believe a new administration is needed to fix ongoing issues across our nation.

Biden For Florida Rally

Those in attendance say that they are not happy with how the trump administration has been handling the economy, the pandemic, or the recent surge in unemployment.

“There has never been an administration that has been this detrimental, I don’t believe in history,” says Traci Lipton, a resident of Sarasota.

Lipton has been fighting to receive unemployment benefits since March and is still awaiting financial assistance.

“I worked until the day the restaurants had to be shut down. I was working at a place that was out in central Sarasota. I applied that day for unemployment. There were a few months where I went without anything. I had no money left, no way to pay my rent or my bills, no way to feed myself and my pets,” says Lipton.

David Fairey, the candidate for State House District 73 says he was here to support struggling members of the community like Traci. He agrees that a change in presidents is what is needed to change to current state of affairs.

“What really matters is folks like Traci to have an affordable home, food on the table and that they have a dignity of a job. We’ve got to fix unemployment here and federally. Again, if there is one administration that can take office and get this done it’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” says Fairey.

The three main takeaways from today’s rally include local voter’s concerns about unemployment, the increasing threat of homelessness and the local economy. They say they will be watching both presidential candidates closely to see how they react to those issues in the last few weeks of this campaign.

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