Sarasota Police will wear body cameras in 2021

122 cameras will be purchased

Sarasota Police will wear body cameras in 2021
An officer wearing an Axon Body 3 body camera. (Source: Axon)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The Sarasota City Commission unanimously agreed on Monday to purchase 122 cameras from Axon Enterprises for a program that will likely begin by July 2021 and cost $3.6 million for five years.

The cameras automatically begin recording when an officer pulls their weapon. The cameras are also audio triggered and turn on when other officers are nearby. Though officers can turn the camera off and on, there are limitations per the department’s policies.

According to the City of Sarasota, In addition to the equipment cost, the city will hire an operations manager, a public records coordinator and a technician to help maintain the cameras and protect the identities of victims and bystanders.

In June, city commissioners unanimously voted to direct staff to bring back a recommendation before the end of the year to move forward with body cameras.

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