Newtown non-profit weekly gives out food and supplies to the community

Published: Sep. 9, 2020 at 9:32 PM EDT
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NEWTOWN, Fla. (WWSB) - On Wednesday and Friday, you will see the Newtown community buzzing and a crowd near a purple building off Martin Luther King Way.

“I was riding by. I saw a lot of people up here. I looked and seen they were they had food and pastries and everything a lot of people standing out here,” says Newtown resident Charles Keesee.

Well, that commotion is at the Second Chance Last Opportunity office. Where they are serving hot plates, groceries, and basic supplies for those who need it.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for food has increased. The non-profit founder and CEO, Dr. April Galsco says they are serving families who not only live outside Newtown but out of Sarasota County.

“We never knew it was going to be stretched out to impact the community. Not only Sarasota it seems like we are receiving families from North Port all the way from Palmetto,”.

Dr. Glasco says helping one another is now more important than ever before.

“If we have people who need needs help and we’re looking to helping and give hope to these individuals. We want to make a change for our community as a whole which is Sarasota county," says Dr. Galsco.

The hope the SCLO organization is giving out with each meal and grocery box is truly being received.

“Every time I pass by she’s always saying ‘hi’ she’s very friendly it’s always good to have somebody who cares about you,” explains a Newtown resident.

For more information about Second Chance Last Opportunity and how you can help, click here.

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