Venice City Council Members discuss extending face mask ordinance

Venice City Council Members discuss extending face mask ordinance

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) -The City of Venice may be extending their current face mask ordinance.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting the first reading of the extension of the ordinance was approved by council members 4-3. Council members are now set to vote on extending the face mask ordinance on September 22nd.

Currently, Venice’s face mask ordinance requires everyone within the city to wear a face mask both indoors and outdoors if they are not allowed to socially distance. However, there are 14 exceptions to the ordinance. The ordinance will expire on September 24th if it is not extended.

At the city council meeting Tuesday, council members discussed how effective they believe the ordinance is.

“There has really been no visible change in the conduct of the people on the streets. And I think some of the people who were sending emails had the expectation that you would see the vast majority, if not everyone out on the street walking with a face covering of some sort. and that’s just not the case," said City of Venice Vice Mayor Chuck Newsom.

Venice’s Mayor, Ron Feinsod disagrees with Newsom.

“We are not going to get 100% compliance and we never expected to. But, what I’ve heard from a lot of people is that it has made them feel more comfortable, the concept of going back into the stores downtown knowing that people will be wearing masks,” said Feinsod.

City of Venice Police Captain, Charlie Thorpe, also spoke at the meeting. He said even though the department has had to respond to a few businesses regarding the ordinance, there has not been any major issues with enforcement.

If the face mask ordinance is approved at the September 22nd meeting, the ordinance will be extended through October 31st.

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