Tropical Storm Paulette slightly stronger tonight and Tropical Storm Renee moving across the eastern Cabo Verde islands

There are two other areas of interest in the Atlantic Basin

Tropical Storm Paulette slightly stronger tonight and Tropical Storm Renee moving across the eastern Cabo Verde islands
Paulette & Renee 11 PM (Source: WWSB)


Tropical Storm Paulette has gradually strengthen tonight with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph. Paulette is moving slowly north northwest at 5 mph. Further strengthening is expected during the next day or so while the storm remains in a warm SST and low-to-moderate shear environment. By midweek, some weakening is forecast due to an increase in shear from an enhanced mid-oceanic upper-level trough. There’s a fair amount of uncertainty on how quickly the tropical cyclone moves across the trough axis, which would then allow Paulette to find an area of lighter shear, plus very warm water, by the end of the forecast period.

Paulette 11:00 pm 9-7
Paulette 11:00 pm 9-7 (Source: WWSB)

Tropical Storm Renee formed Monday afternoon and has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph. Renee is now moving west at 14 mph and is currently impacting the eastern Cabo Verde Islands. A westward motion is expected to continue on Tuesday, followed by a west-northwestward motion through Thursday as Rene rounds the southwestern periphery of a deep-layer subtropical ridge. On days 4 and 5, the Renee is forecast to move more slowly northwestward to north-northwestward through a weakness in the aforementioned ridge. It is still scheduled to reach hurricane strength by Thursday morning.

Renee 11:00 pm 9-7
Renee 11:00 pm 9-7 (Source: WWSB)

There are two additional areas of interest that the ABC 7 First Alert Weather team is monitoring. An area of low pressure located more than 200 miles southwest of Bermuda is producing disorganized showers and thunderstorms. Some gradual development of this system is possible during the next few days while the low moves slowly westward to west-northwestward.

Disturbance 1 11pm
Disturbance 1 11pm (Source: WWSB)
Disturbance 2 11pm
Disturbance 2 11pm (Source: WWSB)

A tropical wave is forecast to emerge off the west coast of Africa late Wednesday or Thursday. Gradual development is anticipated once the system moves over water, and a tropical depression could form late this week or over the weekend while the system moves generally westward across the eastern tropical Atlantic.

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