Record breaking season continues as Nana and Omar form

No impacts for the Suncoast

First Alert Weather - 6pm September 1, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The 14th and 15th named storms of the season have formed today. Nana has been classified as a tropical storm in the western Caribbean heading toward Central America and Omar formed off the coast of the Carolina’s.

Omar to move away from U.S. and have no impact on any land
Omar to move away from U.S. and have no impact on any land (Source: WWSB)

Nana is moving toward Belize and Honduras and looks to make landfall sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday morning. It will bring life threatening flash flooding and possible mudslides to parts of Central America on Thursday. It should gain cat. 1 hurricane strength just prior to landfall. Nana would be the 5th hurricane of the 2020 season.

Nana to bring heavy rain to Central America
Nana to bring heavy rain to Central America (Source: WWSB)

Omar is expected to move out to sea in the N. Atlantic and not have any significant impact on any land at this time.

Elsewhere we continue to monitor two disturbances coming in the S. Central Atlantic and the far E. Atlantic. This is the earliest ever to have the 15th storm of the season already form. This shatters the old mark of Sept. 7th 2005.

Thankfully the Suncoast will not have to deal with either one of them.

We will see a return to mainly late afternoon and early evening storms developing inland and moving west back toward the beaches later in the day. That means we will also start to see a lot more lightning at area beaches this weekend so remember to seek shelter when you hear the thunder roar.

By the way a tree is not shelter as some people found out at the PGA tour in Georgia this past weekend. Tall objects such as trees and electrical poles attract lightning. As lightning hits these tall objects the energy travels downward toward the ground and has enough power to impact people standing under or near these tall objects.

Go indoors and get away from windows. A automobile offers some protection as well if you can’t make it to a safe shelter such as a home of building.

The forecast for Wednesday calls for mostly sunny skies in the morning followed by partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. There is a 30% chance for some late day storms. The high will be in the low to mid 90′s with a heat index around 105 after Noon.

Thursday we will see a 40% chance for late day storms otherwise mostly sunny skies can be expected throughout most of the day. Highs will once again be a few degrees above average.

Over the Labor day weekend expect mainly scattered late day storms otherwise pretty nice weather can be expected with highs in the low 90s.

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