Tropics stay busy as we track 3 systems

Timing change for storms along Suncoast

First Alert Weather - 6pm August 31, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - September 10th is the official peak day of hurricane season meaning on that day we usually see at least one storm in the Atlantic basin, or has the highest chance of seeing a storm that day.

The peak day is Sept. 10th
The peak day is Sept. 10th (Source: wwsb)

These areas of concern are not going to have an impact for the Suncoast at this time and should stay away from us over the holiday weekend.

The one off the N. Carolina coast is expected to take off to the open waters of the Atlantic not having any significant impact to the U.S. It should get the name Nana.

Soon to be Nana but heading out to sea
Soon to be Nana but heading out to sea (Source: wwsb)

The disturbance in the Caribbean is likely to develop into a tropical depression or storm before it heads into Central America. It is expected to keep moving west into the Pacific over the weekend. This one will be named Omar if it develops.

The one way out in the far eastern Atlantic is expected to move west over the next 5 days and only having an impact on shipping interests at this time.

Closer to home things are about to get back to normal. High pressure will be building back to the north over N. Florida which will bring SE winds our way through much of the morning beginning Wednesday.

This means after one more day of westerly flow on Tuesday we will see the possibility of a few scattered storms (20%) along the coast in the morning and then a 40% chance for scattered storms in the afternoon and evening on Tuesday. We will see generally partly cloudy skies on Tuesday with a high around 90.

Wednesday we should see mostly sunny skies in the morning and then a good chance for storms developing inland and moving back toward the west coast in the late afternoon and early evening. That means a return of the big lightning and thunder during latter half of the day.

This afternoon and evening pattern of big afternoon storms will continue through the Labor day weekend. The rain chances will be from 40-50% each afternoon and evening. So basically we can say goodbye to the morning coastal storms starting on Wednesday.

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