MCR Health no longer offering COVID-19 drive-thru testing in Bradenton

MCR Health no longer offering COVID-19 drive-thru testing in Bradenton
MCR Health will no longer offer drive-thru testing in Manatee County. (Source: wwsb)

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) -MCR Health will no longer offer its two drive-thru testing sites in Manatee County.

Those sites were located at The East Manatee Health and Wellness Center and The Southeast Family Healthcare Center. MCR Health however will still be doing testing at all of their locations. Patrick Carnegie, who is the CEO and President of MCR Health, said the reason for closing the drive-thru testing sites is so that they could put more resources towards helping businesses and schools at this time.

MCR Health has administered over 23,000 COVID-19 tests so far. The CDC's COVID-19 testing guidelines were revised earlier this week. Now, even if a person is exposed to an individual who tested positive for the virus, the CDC says it's not necessary to get tested unless they are showing symptoms. Carnegie said MCR Health does not agree with these changes.

“We’re going to encourage patients to be tested. We have the resources to be tested, if people are worried about an exposure to COVID we’re going to recommend that people test and we will. It makes no sense for us not to test people who have been exposed to COVID when you could be tested, prevent the spread of the virus to loved ones and colleagues at work,” said Carnegie.

Although MCR Health is taking away its drive-thru testing sites, Manatee County is still offering free testing. Their sites include walk-up testing at the Home Depot on Cortez Road and at Lincoln Park. As well as the state drive-thru testing site at the UTC Mall.

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