Small rise in unemployment rate, several on the Suncoast remain jobless

Unemployment Rate Sees Increase

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Since this pandemic began, we’ve seen ups and downs when it comes to the unemployment numbers across the state and here on the Suncoast.

The latest state report shows unemployment state wide increased to 11.3% in July. According to the state Department of Economic Opportunity, the rate was up from an adjusted 10.3 % unemployment mark for June. The report reflects more than 1.1 million jobless Floridians.

In Sarasota county, the unemployment for July is up to 9.5% compared to June’s 8.5%. Unemployment was at 3.3% this time last year.

In Manatee County unemployment for July was at a 9.4% rate compared to June’s 8.4%. Manatee County unemployment was at 3.4%, this time last year.

“That’s put me out in the cold a bit but we’ll see what the future holds,” said Manatee County furloughed worker, Kimberly Henley.

Henley is trying to stay hopeful after being laid off.

“Pray to God... but ‘keep rowing to shore’ mentality,” said Henley.

Henely was furloughed following a decades long events and programs career at Manatee County Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s been a challenge, it’s been very stressful,” said Henley.

“Kind of a cycle we’re dealing with right now. It feels like more people are getting jobs and then more people being laid off,” said Jen Zak with CareerSource Suncoast.

While some people have gone back to work, others like Henley, are still losing their jobs.

“If we just keep working with the employers and the job seekers to connect them with those opportunities, I think we’ll be able to see that level out as people start to find permanent employment,” said Zak.

As for Henley, she’s interviewing for a new job and hopes to land something soon.

“2020 is definitely the year of survival,” said furloughed worker Kimberly Henley.

If you go to CareerSource Suncoast there is jobs tab that consists of pages of openings on the Suncoast.

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