How Manatee County Schools plan to keep buildings clean this year

How Manatee County Schools plan to keep buildings clean this year
The electrostatic sprayer works quickly to disinfect the air after someone tests positive for COVID-19. (Source: wwsb)

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) -The Manatee County School District is laying out how they will clean schools this year to keep people safe.

The district said the custodial stuff has been training all summer long to learn the new methods of cleaning. One new product the district will be using is an electrostatic sprayer. The sprayer disperses out an electrically charged mist into the environment that it's cleaning. It will be used if there is a COVID-19 case within a school. The sprayer works within hours and will allow schools to be cleaned and reopen in a timely fashion.

This year, every classroom will have a one gallon jug of hand sanitizer and hand wipes. Teachers will also receive an EPA approved product to spray on the desk that doesn't need to be wiped off and kills germs in five minutes. More paper towels and hand soap will also be available around the school. The district says keeping schools clean will be a group effort.

"I think it's not just going to be one thing. It's going to be a multitude of things and that's just part of the bigger picture. It's the products, it's the practices, it goes beyond that. We want our parents to model these behaviors at home so the students who come to our schools know what to expect. Cover your face, wash your hands. It's so important and we're asking our parents and members of our community to model these behaviors and enforce them so when the kids come to school, they're ready to go," said Todd Henson, who is the Director of Maintenance and Operations for Manatee County School District.

Tuesday, the district plans to meet with a mechanical engineer to talk about ways to enhance ventilation within the schools. The district has also bought plexiglass for classrooms and cafeterias and masks for students. However, when it comes to what schools will look like this year in terms of student separation, every school may look different since it is up to each individual school to decide.

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