FDOH confirms more than 4,100 new COVID-19 cases in Florida, Manatee County records new one-day high for coronavirus related deaths

Updated: Aug. 10, 2020 at 12:41 PM EDT
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SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) is reporting 536,961 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began and 91 new statewide coronavirus related deaths in Monday morning’s update.

531,217 of these total cases involve Florida residents according to FDOH.

8,277 deaths have been confirmed statewide. The death spike does not mean that all the deaths occurred in the past 24 hours but that the data attributing the death to the coronavirus was handed over to the DOH since Sunday’s totals.

Here are the latest totals in the Suncoast:


Total Cases: 9,340 Residents: 9,245 Residents Not in Florida: 0 Non-Residents: 95

Conditions and Care Deaths: 227 Hospitalizations* Residents: 633 Non-Residents: 6

Demographics of Cases

Age: Age Range: 0 to 101 Median Age: 39

Gender: Male: 4,289 (46%) Female: 4,808 (52%) Unknown/No data: 148 (<1%)

Race: Black: 859 (9%) White: 4,082 (44%) Other: 1,208 (13%) Unknown/No Data: 3,096 (33%)

Ethnicity: Hispanic: 2,322 (25%) Not-Hispanic: 3,147 (34%) Unknown/No Data: 3,776 (41%)


Total Cases: 6,256 Residents: 6,204 Residents Not in Florida: 0 Non-Residents: 52

Conditions and Care Deaths: 147 Hospitalizations* Residents: 366 Non-Residents: 12

Demographics of Cases

Age: Age Range: 0 to 104 Median Age: 43

Gender: Male: 2,828 (46%) Female: 3,230 (52%) Unknown/No data: 146 (<1%)

Race: Black: 365 (6%) White: 2,452 (40%) Other: 517 (8%) Unknown/No Data: 2,870 (46%)

Ethnicity: Hispanic: 575 (9%) Not-Hispanic: 2,153 (35%) Unknown/No Data: 3,476 (56%)

According to FDOH, for Manatee County, it is an increase of 35 COVID-19 related deaths since Sunday’s update, and that is a new single one-day high for the county. The previous one-day high for the county was 15 and that was reported by FDOH on July 29.

Eight new deaths were also recorded in Sarasota County according to Monday’s update from FDOH.

FDOH says COVID deaths are primarily found one of two ways. Either through a query of the vital statistics database, which locates death certificates, or through the medical examiner. The updates from this weekend were from the medical examiner.

The report date for deaths reflects the date that the Department received the information regarding the death and does not necessarily reflect the date the death occurred.

FDOH is also reporting that Manatee County has had 17 new hospitalizations since Sunday’s update, while there is only one new hospitalization being confirmed in Sarasota County.

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