Local leaders create ‘Mask up Manatee Coalition’

Local leaders create ‘Mask up Manatee Coalition’
Manatee County leaders have created a coalition to provide a united front against COVID-19 (Source: Manatee County School District)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Manatee County officials have announced the creation of the Mask up Manatee Coalition.

The coalition includes about twenty different organizations in Manatee County, including the school district, the health department and county government.

The purpose of this educational campaign is to provide a united front on the fight against COVID-19. The group will rely on social media to share up to date information about the virus as well as remind people of what they should be doing. That includes wearing face masks, social distancing, and good hand hygiene.

Manatee County School District Superintendent, Cynthia Saunders, said she hopes having one solid group putting out information can help slow the spread of the virus, especially with the new school year two weeks away.

"We've all been saying these things and we've seen numbers increase. But I think we've just got to message it a little different. A little broader with different facets because we are saying the same thing, we're just presenting it in a much different package. So hopefully that will take hold and we're not going to have to close intermittently or sections schools, or the entire district," said Saunders.

The coalition will also use social media to inform people about things such as the need for convalescent plasma or any new testing facilities that open up.

The group will also distribute nearly 50,000 masks in hard hit areas of the county and places where masks aren’t as easily available.

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