First Alert Weather: Saturday track of Isaias continues to keep the Suncoast free of tropical cyclone impacts

Story Note: With the 11 AM track update no significant changes were made that impact the forecast.

First Alert Weather: Saturday track of Isaias continues to keep the Suncoast free of tropical cyclone impacts
John Scalzi

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - As always, Suncoast residents are urged to be alert to forecast changes and continue to monitor the storm on WWSB social media,, First Alert Weather app and all newscasts but this morning track is good news. The early Saturday forecast for Hurricane Isaias has shifted east again as the overnight track of the storm itself slows and is more easterly. The Suncoast remains outside the cone and free of direct impact from the storm. On the current track our winds may become breezy today at 10-15 mph but the storm should actually dry our air and reduce the rain chances to below what we might normally expect for the first day in August. I am expecting lots of sunshine today and only small chances of thunderstorms late in the afternoon or early in the evening. A breezy east wind developing by afternoon should keep our sea breeze close to the coast and cause most thunderstorms or showers to be be west movers, starting inland and drifting to the coast. Rain chance only 40% inland and 30% near the coast. Winds will pick up a bit tonight and be stronger over the flat, somewhat friction-less waters. Boaters should get the latest forecasts before leaving port Sunday morning.

Sat am wx

Isaias is fighting dry air and wind shear, which is making for a lop-sided storm. As it evolves today on its journey toward south-east Florida it is possible that the dry air moving into the eastern side of it’s circulation might impact it’s intensity forecast. On the current track the greatest impact of the system on the Suncoast will be Sunday. As a consequence of Isaias riding up the east Florida coast we will see a breezy wind with gusts to 20-25mph, especially well inland and over the waters tomorrow the sustained winds may approach 20 knots. We might also see an uptick in our rain chances as a few thunderstorms cross the state into our area. The thunderstorms may arrive a bit earlier in the day.

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