Isaias to dry things out a bit for Suncoast

Strong winds to stay well east of our area

First Alert Weather - 6:00pm July 30, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Looks like we are going to miss this storm as it passes near or just offshore of the east coast of Florida.

The strongest winds should also stay to the right of this system thus even though it could be a hurricane by Saturday those strong winds should stay confined near the center and to the east of the center as it moves northward near Florida.

Center to stay away from Suncoast
Center to stay away from Suncoast (Source: WWSB)

As is the case with these tropical systems we will see some sinking air out ahead of it. This subsidence will tend to limit our storms for both Friday and Saturday. The rain chances for those days 30% near the coast and 40% inland.

Sunday will be the best chance for rain as it goes to 50%. It will be a bit breezy beginning Saturday night through Sunday. We are talking winds 20-25 mph.

We could also see a feeder band or two make its way through as well which would bring some squally weather our way late Sat. into Sunday.

All in all we miss most of this storm for most of us. Highlands County could get a little more but still not much.

The cone is no where close to our area now and this storm is going to be so small that I am not too concerned about our chances of getting anything to disruptive thrown our way.

Boating look out as winds and seas will pick up a bit late Saturday and through Sunday.

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