Suncoast Blood Bank hosts blood drive to find more convalescent plasma

Suncoast Blood Bank hosts blood drive to find more convalescent plasma
SunCoast Blood Bank has a need for convalescent plasma to supply to local hospitals. (Source: wwsb)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Jill Cruishank hopes to help someone with her blood donation. Two weeks ago she became ill and learned that she contracted COVID-19.

Cruishank hopes her blood can help another person fight off the virus she just recovered from.

“I wanted to give blood today, to give blood, but also for antibodies. And if I do have them, I will donate the plasma to help other people and give plasma as much as I can,” she says.

Suncoast Blood Bank is offering Free COVID-19 antibodies testing for each donor at the Suncoast Science Center in Sarasota.

A blood donor says she hopes she tests for the COVID antibodies.

“I would love to find out that I have the antibodies. I can’t imagine that I do I have been exposed from anyone. But it be great to find out that I had COVID and didn’t know it,” she explains.

Donors who have the anti-bodies can donate convalescent plasma.

“At this point before there isn’t an actual vaccine out there, but it’s been shown the convalescent plasma really helps some who has the most severe cases of COVID In our local hospitals,” says Sue Weber-Hagge with Suncoast Blood Bank.

The bank had over 70 people sign up to give blood. This is the largest amount of people they’ve seen at a mobile blood drive since the pandemic struck.

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