Manatee County mask resolution passes

Mask Resolution Passed

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - The Manatee County Commission voted 4-3 to pass a mask resolution after several hours of debate.

In the meeting, Director of Public Safety Jacob Saur presented slides on the current state of the county with COVID-19.

Saur mentioned the county currently has about an 11% COVID positive rate.

County Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Benice said in the meeting there are over 800 children who have tested positive for COIVD-19 in Manatee County. Dr. Benice says fortunately, there have not been any children who have died from the virus.

Several opponents of the mandate came to make their voices heard.

“We came out today because we don’t believe in mass should be mandated. Healthy people should not be forced anything for their health should be forced upon them. If you feel comfortable wearing a mask wear a mask if you don’t stay home but do not tell me what my family to do,” says a Manatee County Resident who was protesting against the mask resolution.

The ordinance goes into effect immediately. Fines can be imposed for residents who do not follow the order. This story is developing but you can read the entire resolution below.

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