Shift in wind brings a change in weather

Keeping an eye on Atlantic tropical system

First Alert Weather - 6:30pm July 26, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Winds will be shifting out of the south to southwest during much of the day and night. The high pressure ridge is getting bumped down to our south which favors a few coastal storms in the morning with the main thrust of storms in the afternoon and evening pushing east away from the beaches.

We dealt with this pattern a couple of weeks ago and it brought in the high humidity along with the oppressive heat index temperatures. We will see a slightly drier air slipping in as well which will bring our rain chances down through the work week and the weekend.

Long range forecast models for next tropical system
Long range forecast models for next tropical system (Source: WWSB)

Now in the tropics we continue to monitor the progress of Invest 92L in the central Atlantic. There has been a lot of chatter on the social media sites about the potential of this heading toward Florida in 8 days or so.

Rest assured it is far too early to worry about a storm that is over a 2000 miles away from the Suncoast. You will keep seeing the spaghetti plots of the storm for the next 10 days. The models will be changing everyday with every subsequent forecast run. In fact in just one day most of the models that were suggesting a Florida hit now show it moving well east of Florida this weekend.

So stay tuned to ABC7 and we will keep you informed as to what will happen with the next named storm which is Isaias (pronounced ees-ah-EE-ahs according to the National Hurricane Center).

The names of these storms are chosen by the World Meteorological Organization. They get together every year and determine which storm names should be retired and what names should replace those that will no longer be used.

Already used 8 of the names
Already used 8 of the names (Source: WWSB)

WMO maintains rotating lists of names which are appropriate for each Tropical Cyclone basin. If a cyclone is particularly deadly or costly, then its name is retired and replaced by another one.  

This year it seems like a really good bet that they may run out of names. We are only in July and have used up 8 names already. They don’t use the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z because the small amount of names that begin with those letters. So if you are a Zach you are out of luck having a storm named after you.

If we get through the W storm then the hurricane center would use the Greek alphabet starting with Alpha. We did have to do that in 2005.

No hurricanes to worry about this work week. We will see partly cloudy skies with a slight chance for a few morning storms followed by mainly inland storms in the afternoon and evening. The rain chance near the coast is 30% and 40% inland.

The high will be near 90 each day with a heat index around 100-105 beginning at noon and lasting through 6 p.m.

The rain chance will drop to 30% for the weekend.

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