City of Venice officials will consider a mask ordinance

Venice Considering Another Mask Mandate

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - On Tuesday morning during its council meeting, the city of Venice officials voted 5 - 2 and agreed to have a mask ordinance crafted. They also voted unanimously to endorse a resolution that will urge anyone within the city to wear a mask.

Long-time Venice resident, Florence Wegst says she can’t believe the city still doesn’t already have a mask mandate.

“I’m very disappointed with the city of Venice, that we will still be talking about masks. We need to be moving on from masks. It’s a given. They will help prevent the spread of this virus,” says Wegst.

Last week, city officials did vote to draw up a mask ordinance but that motion failed.

Now, the hope is this new mask ordinance will be passed.

“I think it’s absolutely necessary if we want to recover from this pandemic,” a woman walking out of Venice City Hall told ABC7.

According to Mayor Ron Feinsod, the mask ordinance will take about a week to complete and then hopes to vote on it by next Friday.

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