Accusations leveled against North Port City Manager in anonymous email

Accusations leveled against North Port City Manager in anonymous email
Pete Lear, City of North Port (Source: City of North Port)

NORTH PORT, Fla. (NORTH PORT SUN) - More details are being released about the removal of North Port’s City Manager.

According to the North Port Sun, five city commissioners received an anonymous email with the subject line “Bad Leadership.”

The writer, who couldn’t be verified because he or she had used Guerilla Mail, a free provider of randomly assigned email addresses and therefore difficult to trace to the user, laid out some anonymous accusations about the city’s top administrator, Pete Lear. The writer accused Lear, who is married, of having a sexual relationship with a co-worker.

ABC7 also received an anonymous email with the same accusations.

On Monday, Lear sent an email to the five commissioners and removed himself from having division and department heads reporting to him, “while this investigation is going on,” he noted in the message, dated July 13. He also asked for vacation time to solve “a personal issue.”

After a short discussion, commissioners voted 4-1 to place Lear on administrative leave.

The leave is in place as an investigation into an complaint filed with the city’s Human Resources Department. City officials would not discuss the nature of the complaint or the identity of the person who filed it. Lear quickly left the meeting without taking questions.

City Commissioners named assistant city manager Jason Yarborough as acting city manager until the investigation is completed.

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