First Alert Weather: Transition day on the Suncoast

First Alert Weather: Transition day on the Suncoast
John Scalzi, First Alert Weather Team (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Winds this morning were light and variable which signals a change in Suncoast weather. Instead of a west wind, the flow of air is transitioning to an east wind that will establish itself tonight. Because the winds are light you can expect slow moving afternoon storms, mostly in inland locations. Rainfall inland could be heavier over the course of the afternoon and evening as storms will linger over the same area. The light winds will only bring a 20% chance for a shower near the coast in the late morning or early afternoon as our sea breeze starts to form. We then push the rain chance to 60% inland with the afternoon heating and the sea breeze moving inland.

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Tomorrow will be a more typical summer time pattern. Winds will be out of the east and the east coast sea breeze will be forced toward our coast, just as our west coast sea breezes had been forced to the east coast in the days past. This wind shift will tend to pin our sea breeze closer to our coast. Since our sea breeze is the trigger for afternoon storms, our rain chances will go up. A bit of dry air will move in Friday morning making the morning hours more comfortable. That will not last as moisture will rapidly return during the day and an upper level pool energy will help boost rain chances for the weekend.

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