Bradenton City Council passes emergency mask ordinance

Bradenton City Council passes emergency mask ordinance
Bradenton businesses will have to put up signs recommending face masks. (Source: WWSB)

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - “It is important that we all try to be responsible, with our own health and with that with other people,” said Jeannie Roberts, Spokesperson for the city of Bradenton.

That’s the reason city council passed an emergency face mask ordinance Wednesday morning. The ordinance requires businesses to put up a sign recommending that customers wear a face mask.

“When they are at a business, we want the sign to show them that we are encouraging them to be at that business, but we would like them to do it safely,” said Roberts.

Darren Blum is General Manager of Jess Jewelers in Bradenton. His business has been taking all the safety precautions including making it mandatory for all employees to wear face masks and having hand sanitizer available for people when they walk in. Currently, they only recommend for customers to wear a face mask. Blum is in full support of this ordinance.

“I think that’s fine, I have no problem recommending the wearing of the face masks,” said Blum. “I think it’s great to hear, we would love to see this whole pandemic get over with and the more that we can do the sooner, everything we can do to get past it. Let’s do it, let’s get together everybody and get past this.”

The city’s Code Compliance will be keeping a close eye on this. They will be passing out signs to businesses to make it easier for them. For businesses that don’t comply, they do face a warning and then a $75 fine. This ordinance goes into effect this Friday morning at 12:01.

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