More than 10,100 new confirmed COVID-19 cases reported in Florida

COVID Cases on the Suncoast

(WWSB) - The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) is reporting 301,810 positive COVID-19 cases and 4,521 deaths of Florida residents related to the virus in Wednesday morning’s update.

This is an increase of 112 deaths since Tuesday’s update.

297,876 of those total cases involve Florida residents. It’s an increase of 10,181 reported cases since Tuesday.

The DOH has processed 2,735,953 test results so far.

Here are the latest totals for the Suncoast.

Manatee County:

Total Cases: 5,564 Residents: 5,512 Residents Not in Florida: 0 Non-Residents: 52

Conditions and Care Deaths: 139 Hospitalizations* Residents: 368 Non-Residents: 3

Demographics of Cases

Age: Age Range: 0 to 101 Median Age: 39

Gender: Male: 2,603 (47%) Female: 2,871 (52%) Unknown/No data: 38 (<1%)

Race: Black: 450 (8%) White: 2,256 (41%) Other: 442 (8%) Unknown/No Data: 2,364 (43%)

Ethnicity: Hispanic: 1,284 (23%) Not-Hispanic: 1,605 (29%) Unknown/No Data: 2,623 (48%)

Sarasota County:

Total Cases: 3,447 Residents: 3,407 Residents Not in Florida: 0 Non-Residents: 40

Conditions and Care Deaths: 100 Hospitalizations* Residents: 272 Non-Residents: 11

Demographics of Cases

Age: Age Range: 0 to 104 Median Age: 42

Gender: Male: 1,609 (47%) Female: 1,754 (51%) Unknown/No data: 44 (<1%)

Race: Black: 188 (6%) White: 1,516 (44%) Other: 234 (7%) Unknown/No Data: 1,469 (43%)

Ethnicity: Hispanic: 332 (10%) Not-Hispanic: 1,368 (40%) Unknown/No Data: 1,707 (50%)

“We’ve got to get a hold of this disease and make sure we can contain and reduce the spread of this throughout the community,” said SMH President and CEO David Verinder.

Medical experts say there’s an up tick of hospitalizations.

Sarasota County has 148 patients with COVID at area hospitals.

118 of the county hospital cases are at Sarasota Memorial Health... 26 of which are in the intensive care unit.

Doctors say patients with the virus going into the ICU are trending 20 years younger than previous months.

“The problem is the shift in demographics to a younger age. This is a demographic thats mostly out there in the community either serving us as essential workers or doing some other activity that perhaps should not be doing,” said Dr. Manuel Gordillo.

81 COVID patients being reported on Wednesday in Manatee County.

26 of which are at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, seven are in the ICU there.

The state reporting 113 new cases of the virus in Sarasota County overnight and no new deaths.

10.4% of the 1,100 test results that came back were positive. That’s down slightly from the 11.5% positive reported the day prior.

Manatee county reports 145 new cases. Department of health records show no new deaths in fact it displayed one less from yesterday. We’ve reached to find out to find out what this means.

The percent of cases testing positive is 12.6 percent. That’s down from the 14.9% positive rate reported the prior day. Doctors say we’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go.

They say people need to do their part.

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