City of Venice does not move forward with face mask requirements

City of Venice does not move forward with face mask requirements
The City of Venice will not require face masks when out in public. (Source: wwsb)

VENICE, Fla. (WWSB) - At a city council meeting Tuesday, the City of Venice decided not to move forward on creating an emergency mask wearing ordinance.

There were not enough votes to move forward on drafting up the ordinance that would require people to wear masks in public when they could not socially distance within the City of Venice. All city council members did however agree to move forward on having a resolution drafted up. The resolution would strongly encourage people to wear masks when out in the city, but not require them to.

During the city council meeting, health experts gave an update on the status of the Coronavirus in Venice. Community members were able to voice their opinions on this topic along with Venice’s Police Chief, Tom Mattmuller. Chief Mattmuller said it would be a burden to enforce face mask requirements, especially because many people don’t know when they are in the City of Venice opposed to the county.

City Council members seemed to be split about requiring face masks. Mayor Ron Feinsod was someone who was pushing for the emergency ordinance. He said there were many excuses for not passing the ordinance, but requiring face masks would be beneficial for everyone’s health and it would help local businesses.

”If we want people to feel safe shopping and we have a tourism season coming up. If we want people feeling safe coming back to the City of Venice then we better make sure they feel safe and that’s our job. Our job is that our merchants can succeed by making sure people feel safe when they come to shop in the City of Venice,” said Mayor Feinsod.

A resolution recommending people to wear masks in public will be drafted up and presented to council members at an upcoming meeting.

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