Sheriff: Man killed dog because ‘it looked at him crazy’

Sheriff: Man killed dog because ‘it looked at him crazy’
David K. Jones (Source: Manatee County Sheriff)

MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WWSB) - A Bradenton man is in jail after sheriff’s officials say he killed a dog because it “looked at him crazy.”

The incident occurred June 30. David K. Jones, 44, is accused of torturing and killing a dog that belonged to him and his wife. According to his arrest citation, Jones stabbed a pit bull with a dagger. The dog attempted to run back into its house and then, officials say David picked up a sword in an attempt to stab the animal again. The dog eventually succumbed to its wounds.

He told the officer that he believed the animal was going to harm his wife.

Jones stated that he and his wife have had the dog for 12 years since it was a puppy and it has never been aggressive until the other day when he states that she nipped at his neck and finger while he was playing with her.

Jones’ wife says the dog was sleeping and was not being aggressive when he attacked the animal. She told officers that the dog, named Brandi, was the best dog they had ever had and she doesn’t understand why he killed their pet.

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