Last day for SCSD parents to submit district reopening survey

Last day for SCSD parents to submit district reopening survey
Sarasota County School Board members will discuss parent survey results at a public meeting on July 2nd. (Source: wwsb)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - To help decide how best to reopen Sarasota County School District, parents and guardians of students are asked to complete a survey.

The survey, which can be found here, must be completed by midnight on June 30th. The survey asks what learning option is preferred for their child this upcoming school year. The first option is traditional learning in the school building. The second option is remote learning with other students from their school. The third option is virtual learning. The purpose of the survey is to help school board members see what people want.

”When you are completing the survey, it is truly a survey. It is not to be considered a finalized decision by the families and parents side. It’s intended to help assist us because it’s based on not only the school level, but also the grade level. The reason for that is again to capture where sentiment and feelings for families and where we think they’ll go. But it’s also going to staff the district in staffing accordingly,” said Bridget Ziegler, who is a Sarasota County School Board Member.

Parents or guardians are asked to fill out a separate survey for each child that attends a school in the district. A student’s “N” number is required in the survey, which is their identification number.

The school board will hold a special public meeting on Thursday, July 2nd at 4 p.m. to talk about the survey results as well as have other questions answered. Ziegler said there is no set date of when a final decision will be made on the reopening plans for the district. The board though has put together a draft of the reopening plan, which can be found here, but it could change. Ziegler said the decision will most likely be fluid since the pandemic is ever-changing so the district has to be prepared for a number of potential situations.

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