City of Sarasota Commissioners pass mask ordinance 4-1, will distribute masks to first-time offenders

Mask Mandate in Sarasota Goes Into Effect on Wednesday July 1

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - After hours of discussing and finessing the fine points of a mandatory mask ordinance, the City of Sarasota voted to put one in effect.

City commissioners modeled the ordinance after the city of Tampa, but the majority of the meeting was spent discussing whether it could even be enforced and whether the ordinance was applicable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Commissioner Brody asked for a motion to make the ordinance only apply to indoor settings but no one seconded

The order will go into effect on Wednesday July 1 and can only be in place for 60 days. The first offense will garner a warning with a mask. The second offense will garner a $50 fine.

Complimentary face masks will be available for pickup outside City Hall from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday, June 30, and Wednesday, July 1

The following exceptions apply:

1. Persons under 18 are not required to wear a mask

2. Persons observing social distancing

3. Persons with a medical condition that would be impaired by a mask.

4. Persons work in a business who do not interact with the public.

5. Persons work in a business who maintain social distancing.

6. Persons who work in a business where a mask would interfere with their job.

7. Persons exercising while social distancing.

8. Persons eating or drinking.

9. Public safety and first responders who are provided PPE by their employer

The final ordinance can be found here . The city also released answers to commonly asked questions, which can be found here.

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