City of Anna Maria face mask mandate in full effect

Face Masks On The Island

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Before you step into any restaurant or store in the city of Anna Maria, you will see a sign reading “Face Masks are Mandatory”.

At 8 AM this morning, the city’s mandatory face mask order took effect.

According to the city’s new mask rule, any person working, living, visiting or doing any sort of business in the city of Anna Maria, must wear a mask if indoors.

If they don’t comply, they will be fined $50.

City officials say the new mask rule will help fight the spread of Coronavirus

“We were really concerned, but the fact that the workers here on the island were being exposed to the virus on a routine basis. Businesses were telling us ‘We’re concerned about the workers'. We need to do something and we were fortunate enough we could put an order in place,” says Commissioner Carol Carter.

Stores and restaurants in the city have signs on their doors to let their customers know about the mandatory mask order.

“I was very happy to see that the Sandbar makes you wear one now inside. That’s a good thing, it’s a very positive thing. I think that’s the right direction,” says an Anna Maria resident.

This new order does expire in a week.

City officials say they will reevaluate the new regulation every week to make any necessary changes.

“Next Thursday at 2 o’clock the commissioners and mayor are meeting. To you determine how this is going, what feedback we are getting from business owners and from our residents. We might tweak it a little bit. I think it will probably go order for another seven days,” says Commissioner Carter.

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