Inland storms favored some strong to severe

Heat indices 100+ for much of this week

First Alert Weather - 6pm June 22, 2020

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Typically we see a SE wind which collides with the sea breeze every afternoon during the summer months.

The storms form inland and then are pushed westward toward the W. Coast in the late afternoon and evening due to the predominant east wind during the summer.

That is normal setup for the Suncoast for a majority of the summer months. About a 1/4 of the time we do see a reversal like we are seeing now with the storms pushing toward the east coast.

With the high pressure positioned to the south of Florida we see a westerly flow. This will be the case again through Wednesday. That means expect generally inland storms like we saw on Monday. Not much expected for the coastal communities.

Lots of sunshine little chance for storms along the coast
Lots of sunshine little chance for storms along the coast (Source: WWSB)

One thing is for certain it is going to feel hot. The westerly wind overnight and during the day will bring in the low level moisture. This will bring the heat index well up into the low 100′s through the afternoon.

This kind of set up with the westerly winds does allow for one or two morning storms near the coast right around sunrise but not many expected. The rain chance is at 20% near the coast and 30% inland areas.

By Thursday we will see a transition day as high pressure starts to reposition itself off the east coast of Florida and near Bermuda.

This will put the coastal communities back in the mix for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. During the day expect mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies throughout much of the day.

Highs will once again be in the low 90′s through the rest of the weekend.

The 4th subtropical depression of the season has formed SE of Cape Cod. It may turn into the 4 named storm if it does so it would be named Dolly.

Nothing to worry about with this storm as it will move out into the open waters of the N. Atlantic.

For boaters Tuesday expect west winds at 5-10 kts. with seas less than 2 feet.

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