A week of peaceful protests on the Suncoast but what’s their message

A week of peaceful protests on the Suncoast but what’s their message
protests in manatee (Source: wwsb)


On Monday in Bradenton, a group of young people walked peacefully carrying signs from Riverwalk to the courthouse, where they took a knee.

In the last week, we’ve seen protests in both counties and many think they’re coordinated by the same organization. But in fact, there are coordinated by several groups with slightly different messages.

On Sunday, hundreds came out for a peaceful protest in Manatee county.

The protest was not put together by any particular group, it was more organic and grass-roots in nature.

Xtavia Bailey and Shantel Norman wanted to organize a protest that was for the community and by the community.

“We are not trying to attach ourselves to anything but unity and community. It had nothing to do with being a part of an organization or deeming ourselves ‘the organization’. This was about if you want to come out and if you understand why people are upset right now, come walk with us come unify with us,” says Bailey.

In Sarasota, there were various peaceful protests.

The Leaders Rights Organization coordinated a protest last Thursday and want the public to know what’s meaning behind their protests.

“The organization believes the fundamental concept of Unity any quality. United we stand divided we fall. We are all colors and creeds to have their voices and hearts heard and to participate in any and all protest," says Alaina Martinez of the Leaders Rights Organization.

The Black Lives Matter of Manasota held a protest on Saturday

on Friday representatives from the group had a informational session for those who want to join them in protesting.

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