Small Protest in Bradenton with Big Message: Enough is Enough

ABC7 News at 4:00pm - June 4, 2020

BRADENTON, Fla. (WWSB) - Despite the rain, protesters are marching across the Suncoast, to make sure their voices are heard. Today, there was a peaceful protest outside of the Manatee County Court House.

The crowd was a bit smaller than expected because of the storms, but their message was still big. They are calling for police brutality to end. The organizer of this event wanted to make sure those who came out here today knew that this would not be violent or against police, but instead in favor of everyone’s safety.

"This is very personal. To me. To my city. It's up to me to stand up for the next generation that comes after us,” Takila Hayes expressed.

Even though all four officers involved in the George Floyd case were arrested and charged, the organizer of today’s protest said this issue is present in all cities.

"There are still police officers in Manatee County that have not been charged. Justin’s family still has not gotten justice. That’s what I’m advocating for. I’m advocating for justice. I want young black males and young black females and Hispanics to be able to walk down the street or take a jog and not be scared that they’re going to get shot,” Hayes said.

There are protests continuing throughout the Suncoast these next few days - with a large one planned for Monday at Riverwalk, beginning at 8 a.m.

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