Protest continues as dozens of people march through the streets of Sarasota

Suncoast Protests

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Protestors marching through the streets of Sarasota for more than six hours, starting and ending their march at Bayfront Park. Dozens of protestors even sitting in the middle of the busy US 41 at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way for nine minutes, with the chant I Can’t Breathe, in honor of George Floyd the man killed by a police officer in Minneapolis.

“It’s a long walk but we’re energized, because we’re out here for change and that’s what it’s about," said Miyangel Ramsey, a protestor. "Rain, sleet, hail, we’re going to be out here until justice is served. We actually make a change, not just around here but across the world and in the system, that’s the most important change, in the system.”

They marched for George Floyd and so many others they say were murdered by police. A recent video posted on social media of a Sarasota Police officer with his knee in the neck of a black man has sparked a lot of outrage. The man did suvrive that incident, and the police officer involved is now on administrative leave while an internal affairs investigation takes place. NAACP president Trevor Harvey says police have to be held accountable.

“This is not the type of behavior that should be tolerated within the local law enforcement agency and we need to be assured as a community and as an organization, that something is going to immediately be done,” said Harvey.

Harvey went on to say he’s pleased with the way the Suncoast community has stepped up with these peaceful protests to have their voices heard.

“The entire community, no matter what color individuals look like are coming together for one cause," said Harvey. "To impact change, not only in our local community but to help impact change around the world, around the state and that delights me to see that kind of stuff, our white brothers and sisters walking with us.”

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