First Alert Weather: Rain chances spike tonight and tomorrow

First Alert Weather: Rain chances spike tonight and tomorrow
John Scalzi, First Alert Weather Team (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Our general east wind continues today as a lobe of moisture and rain advances from the Gulf. The high pressure ridge that pushed most of the rain out to sea yesterday relaxes a bit today. This will allow for a collision of winds near the coast and heavy rain to develop this evening. Additionally, The weakness in the ridge will allow for a plum of moisture to advance into the area tomorrow. Thursday will be a First Alert Weather Day due to the potential for those heavy intermittent rains all day.

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There is a lot of uncertainty in the weekend forecast. Forecast logic could support either a wet weekend or a drier weekend depending on the track and strength of Cristobal. Splitting the difference, I’ll call for rain this weekend but less of it and focused in the afternoon and early evening. Regardless of the rain, winds will start to shift on-shore and wave action increase. Boaters get the latest forecast this weekend and watch for a high danger of rip currents.

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