Venice tornado was brief but powerful

No advanced warning with tornado

Tornado Damage in Venice

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Monday’s tornado in Venice is a good reminder that Florida ranks number 4 in the Nation in the number of twisters and a lot happen with little warning.

The good thing, if there is anything good about tornadoes, is that typically the FL twisters that develop are usually small. Nothing any stronger than EF0 or EF1′s for the most part. This is mainly true during the summer months as the dynamics are not there like we see with the strong cold fronts during the winter months.

The National Weather Service surveyed the damage on Tuesday in Venice and found that the tornado started at 5:39 p.m. and was gone by 5:43. So just 4 minutes on the ground. It was about 75 yards wide and was a EF0 with winds of 78 mph. Strong enough to move some cars, down some power lines and uproot trees. It was on the ground for about a half mile. These are very typical for summer twisters that spin up out of our afternoon thunderstorms. There is usually little or no warning with these small spin ups.

Tornado damage Monday near Venice
Tornado damage Monday near Venice (Source: WWSB)

The forecast for the next several days is calling for a good deal of rain as a series of disturbances will move or pinwheel around the tropical cyclone to our south. So we can expect generally mostly cloudy skies through Friday with showers and thunderstorms on again and off again through Friday.

We have a First Alert Weather day on Thursday meaning some very disruptive weather can be expected on Thursday with some potential for some flooding with torrential downpours.

For Wednesday expect mostly cloudy skies with a 40% chance for morning showers and a 60% chance for afternoon storms. They will be moving from the south or southwest toward the NNE. With the main focus of heavy rain pushing inland later in the day. The high on Wednesday in the mid 80′s.

Thursday showers and thunderstorms likely with some heavy rain as a disturbance moves by. This will keep us in the clouds with highs only in the low to mid 80′s below the average of 90. The rain chance Thursday is at 80%.

Friday the rain chances stay high with some potential for some locally heavy rain at times. The rain chance on Friday at 70%.

Over the weekend tropical storm Cristobal will be moving through the Central Gulf toward the N. Central Gulf coast states. It will bring us mostly cloudy skies and a good chance for more rain. The rain chance over the weekend will be 60% each day.

We will also see some big surf on Saturday and Sunday generated by Cristobal. This means we will see dangerous rip currents as well on area beaches.

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