Stores vandalized by people believed to be at UTC mall during protest, deputies say

Stores Vandalized After UTC Protest

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - On Monday night around 11 pm, a group of people from UTC came to the strip mall on University Pkwy and Lockwood Ridge.

According to the sheriff's office deputies saw a crowd forming in front of Shah Jewelers.

“In the back door they had to use a baseball bag and a hammer to break the back door. They couldn’t do it. So probably they got so frustrated. Then they came to the front and threw the hammer right to the glass,” says Nathan Shah, the owner of the jewelry store

Thankfully the vandals got away with nothing.

Shah Jewelers have been in the strip mall for almost 30 years.

Shah says he believes the people who did this are not even from here.

“These are people somewhere else and they’re going from one town to another town to another. They’re going to all over the place taking advantage of the situation”

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