Family seeking answers from police after video surfaces of May 18 arrest, SPD conducting internal investigation

family want answers after arrest video surfaces

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -A Sarasota police officer is under investigation after a video surfaced on social media of him kneeling on a suspects neck and head during an arrest.

Police say the incident happened on May 18 but didn’t hear about it until they saw the video on social media on Monday.

“I’m upset. I’m not going to stop until somebody has a reasonable explanation as to why you [police] detained him in that matter,” said Terria Carroll.

The mother of Patrick Carroll, the man in the video arrested by officers, says she’s looking for a reasonable explanation.

“And it escalated and it resulted on him being on the ground. Couldn’t breathe, yelling and screaming an pleading to just really understand why he was detained,” said Mrs. Carroll.

Police say they arrested him for domestic violence. He was charged with domestic violence, felon in possession of ammunition and resisting arrest.

The officer was put on administrative leave on Monday because of the incident.

“We need to make it right and we’re going to do everything we can to rebuild the trust that we lost in reference to this issue and we are committed,” said Sarasota police Deputy Chief Patrick Robinson.

Sarasota police say they don’t condone or train officers to use a knee to the neck or head of suspects.

"An incident like this is a defining moment for any community but we don’t want it to define us. We need to work to rebuild those bridges that might’ve been burned or damaged in regards to this video, said D.C. Robinson.

As for Mrs. Carroll she says she wants to hear from the chief on why things played out like this.

As of 5:30 on Tuesday the Chief of Police at SPD tells ABC 7 they have called and texted Mrs. Carroll and is waiting to hear back.

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