First Alert Weather: Problematic weather for space launch

First Alert Weather: Problematic weather for space launch
John Scalzi, First Alert Weather Team (Source: WWSB)

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - With the first ever private company launch of astronauts into space scheduled for 4:33 pm, the weather remains a concern. The Suncoast and the entire state will be under the influence of a southwest wind. With warm and humid air, and feels like temperatures near 100, thunderstorms will likely form the farther inland you go today. Those storms will continue to drift east through out the afternoon and get close to the KSC launch pad near the launch time. There are several weather related launch violations that could cause a shut-down. Of primary concern will be electrified clouds as space craft can cause lightning strikes, down-range weather conditions that could complicate an emergency splash-down and weather that could make booster recovery difficult. Viewing from here will also be hard due to the trajectory of the craft and the wall of clouds expected to form between us and the Cape.


Our best chance for showers will come Friday as some upper level energy and an increase in moisture combine to bring a 50% rain chance. Things will dry out starting next work-week.

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