AAA predicts more people will take road trips this summer

AAA predicts more people will take road trips this summer

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) -Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. But when it comes to summer vacations, AAA said this year may look different.

The company predicts that air travel numbers will be low this summer because some people are still hesitant about being close to other travelers. AAA said more people will opt for a road trip instead. The low gas prices also makes road trips more desirable.

“It might take some time before air travel numbers recover. I think that there’s still a lot of hesitation among travelers who want to be in confinement with other travelers that they don’t know. So that can take some time. Gas prices are slowly recovering. We saw prices plummet for the past several months because people were not driving as much. Now prices are rising and that’s an indicator that people are returning to the road," said AAA Spokesman Mark Jenkins.

Jenkins said when it comes to road trips people will most likely take day trips and regional trips. Some travelers who feel comfortable enough to stay in hotels may even do a few overnight trips. Open air destinations, like beaches and parks, are where most travelers most likely will vacation.

AAA encourages people wanting to travel this summer and fall to book their trip sooner rather than later to get the cheapest price. They also recommend having a professional help book the trip.

“The best advice that we can provide is to work closely with a travel agent, travel advisor, who can both educate you on what’s going on in a specific destination. What’s opened, what’s closed, but also to help educate you on what the cancellation policy is if you do need to cancel or reschedule at a later date,”said Jenkins.

AAA predicts most people will prefer to stay in the U.S. for their summer travel destination. But, once international travel restrictions are lifted they predict there will be more demand for tropical locations.

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