Some Floridians say they’re being overpaid by the Department of Economic Opportunity

Overpayment in Unemployment Benefits

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - As many Floridians are awaiting unemployment benefits, some tell ABC 7 they’re being overpaid by the Department of Economic Opportunity.

“Kind of ridiculous because there’s so many people that yes they’ve gotten their unemployment and we’re telling you to stop and you’re not. And then there’s so many people that haven’t gotten their unemployment yet. It’s such a messed up situation,” said Suncoast resident Allison McBee.

McBee is of the many who are back at work now that the state is phasing into re-opening. Before this point she navigated through the CONNECT system that the governor has described as in tatters.

"It was still extremely confusing as to what was waived what wasn't," said McBee.

The same benefits McBee once longed for now, won’t stop.

“When you get put in this position where they’re like make sure you’re not committing fraud or anything and you’re putting extra money in my bank account... you know a lot of us, some people keep really good tabs on their bank accounts. Where other people, if that’s all you have in your bank account, it’s easy to overdraft that,” said McBee.

Other people on the Suncoast says they’re unemployed and receiving duplicate weekly payments through direct deposit and checks.

The DEO hasn’t specified why this is happening, however they say if you received extra state and federal benefits past your time of unemployment, the DEO says there are several ways to return the money.

“You can pay back overpayments by mailing a check to the address below, Payable to UC Trust Fund,” said DEO press secretary Paige Landrum on Wednesday morning.

By mail:

The Department of Economic Opportunity

Benefit Payment Control P.O. Drawer 5050 Tallahassee, FL 32314-5050


You can also return payment by credit card online at

If you’re back at work the DEO says once you stop requesting weeks of unemployment your claim is ended.

“Obviously I don’t need to claim them. So I’m going to put in there that I’m back to work full time now so hopefully they get that message. But I had to google just to even find the contact form for the reemployment to tell them to stop sending me money,” said McBee.

As the state re-opens, many people are heading back to work. If you filed for unemployment the DEO has a FAQ that says you need to end your claim.

Some Floridians getting overpaid.
Some Floridians getting overpaid. (Source: DEO)

If you have questions the DEO says to call: 1-833-352-7759.

Secretary Satter said on Tuesday during a news conference that he has 6,000 employees manning the phones at the DEO. He says they received a million calls on Monday.

McBee says she’s tried to call the DEO but hasn’t been able to get through.

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