People say they are waiting up to two weeks for results to COVID tests done at UTC site

People Experiencing Delays on Results from UTC Site

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Linda Peterson has been waiting for her COVID test results for a week now. She was tested last Wednesday and Thursday at the state run UTC site in Sarasota. She says this is something that is keeping her from getting back to her job as a recruiter.

“It’s extremely frustrating, I really want to get back to work, we can’t go back into our office until I’ve had it" said Peterson. "I’ve had the COVID, so I have to have the negative test to show that I’m good to go”

Every time she reaches out to the state COVID number that she was given, she gets this automated message.

“After the tone please slowly state your name, date of birth and phone number and we will return your call.”

Peterson says the call that comes in is automated as well. "It’s a cycle she’s been going through for days now.

“I just need that negative result as soon as possible," says Peterson. "I want to hear that I’m clear to go so that I can get back and earn a living.”

Another person we talked to about getting results after being tested at the UTC site says his wife is a nurse. He tells us shes been waiting for her results for nearly two weeks.

No one from the state could be reached for a comment or information.

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