Anna Maria local businesses hope for large crowds during Memorial Day Weekend

Local Businesses Preparing for Memorial Day Weekend

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - “Any sort of steady business is all I can ask for.”

Many local businesses in the city of Anna Maria are hoping more people who are tired of being in the house will come out for Memorial Day weekend.

David Huggins manages the Pine Avenue Bait and Tackle shop, he says the coronavirus pandemic hit when his store first opened.

“So we basically had to restart and everything over again. The crowd was pretty good before we got shut down. Now we’re starting to rebuild the crowd again," says Huggins.

Huggins believes this Memorial Day weekend would be more successful if short term rentals were allowed.

“Basically weekend right now we won’t be seeing a large increase of weekday traffic until we allow until we allow the renters back in," says Huggins.

Monday afternoon, Manatee County Commissioners voted unanimously to submit a plan a for short term rentals.

Local businesses are gearing up for Memorial Day Weekend and hoping it will attract more people to come out to the city.

Lauren Collins, owner of the Island Charms jewelry stores hopes this holiday weekend is a busy one.

“Memorial Day weekend is usually busy and we’re sort of the tail end of our season. But still quite busy normally. I don’t know that it will be the same honestly."

She hopes the crowds will last after the weekend.

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