Allegiant cuts funding to Sunseeker Resort on the Suncoast

Allegiant Cuts Funding to Sunseeker Resort

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - The future of a new resort on the Suncoast is now up in the air, and it was expected to create about 500 jobs.

Allegiant Airlines and Sunseeker Resort are in the process of building the 20-acre property off Charlotte Harbor.

However, over the next few weeks, the cranes that were in place will be dismantled and taken away.

Allegiant Travel Company has announced at least 18 months of no further cash investments into the resort.

Cutting off funding to Sunseeker is part of the company’s coronavirus pandemic strategy to go back to being just an airline.

There is no word on how Sunseeker will move forward with the construction.

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