Police: Arrest made after two ‘melon-heads’ shoplift

Police: Arrest made after two ‘melon-heads’ shoplift
Louisa Police Department (Source: Louisa PD)

LOUISA, Va. (WWSB) - Detectives in Virginia have made an arrest after two men wearing hollowed-out watermelon masks allegedly stole from a local convenience store.

In a time when wearing masks is normal due to the global pandemic, these two individuals definitely stood out. Police say the suspects arrived at a Sheetz convenience store in Louisa on May 6. They were wearing hollowed out watermelons with holes for their eyes and mouths.

Louisa police said the suspects then stole from the store. Investigators put surveillance images on Facebook and asked for tips in what they called the “Melon-Heads” case.

One commenter noted that she had seen the two in another store and that the two had posed for a photo.

Detectives say they made two arrests in the case. The suspects have not been publicly identified.

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