Gyms and fitness centers reopen on the Suncoast and throughout Florida

Gyms Reopen in Florida - 5pm Report

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) - Gyms and fitnesses centers all across the Suncoast are happy to be back in business. They officially reopened today after being shut down for around two months.

“I can’t even explain it makes you feel like a person again, you kind of lose sight of what you do, what your value is,” said Eric Gross, Owner of Advantage Fit Club in Sarasota. “It’s great to be back.”

The owners weren’t the only ones thrilled about reopening today, so were the members.

“Super excited, have been waiting a long time for this" said Michelle Olivo, a member with Advantage Fit Club. "Just being quarantined, going crazy not being able to see anybody, not being motivated on my own to do things at home, for me it’s more about mind as well as body.”

There are restrictions. Gyms can only operate at a 50 percent capacity, they have to social distance, machines and equipment have to be wiped down constantly and everyone must use hand sanitizer. Gross says it’s been a rough couple of months and it will be a long road back to normalcy.

“It’s been extremely hard, the hardest thing is to see people go," said Gross. "I mean everyone is scared right now, my members are leaving, hopefully they’ll come back when they get more comfortable.”

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