St. Armands business owners urging Sarasota City Commissioners to reopen Lido Beach

St. Armands Businesses Urging Commissioners to Reopen Lido Beach

LIDO BEACH, Fla. (WWSB) - Lido Beach in Sarasota remains closed. It’s been that way since March. Rachel Burns is with the St. Armands Circle Merchants Association. She says reopening the beach would help their Lynches Pub and Grub business and so many other businesses on the circle.

“I’m extremely frustrated, we’re looking around and we’re a tourist destination and people aren’t visiting us,” said Burns.

City commissioners voted 3 to 2 recently in favor of keeping it closed because of safety and health concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. Commissioner Hagen Brody wants to see the beach reopen, saying it would be a big boost for the businesses.

“There’s no sense in keeping it closed any longer," said Brody. "The restaurants and small businesses out here, they depend on the traffic Lido Beach brings to the circle.”

Brody and the Merchants Association say that around a dozen businesses have closed or will be shutting down on St. Armands Circle. Sarasota City Commissioners will be meeting this Monday to talk about reopening Lido Beach. There’s still hope it can reopen sometime next week.

“I completely understand the need for social distancing, virus transmission through saliva is incredibly dangerous and it’s something to look out for," said Burns. "But at the same time, opening our beaches in phases would not be a problem.”

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